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Triple goddess

Have you been looking for...

A deeper understanding of yourself and your unique path?

Grounding rituals to take into your daily life?

A deeper connection to self, soul and self love? 

Authentic and nurturing connections with other likeminded women?

A guide to integrate ancient ceremony but not sure where to go?

A way to invite soul medicine into your heart and be deeply transformed over a weekend of loving connection, sacred cacao and other safe plant medicines and restorative ceremony?

Then this is your invitation to embrace the journey of "Woman"
& the unity of maiden, mother, crone

"The Triple Goddess Women's Retreat" 
15-18th March Sunshine Coast
(all inclusive only $1397
or 3 Day only pass $797)

Do you have a deep desire to live your life fully?

This retreat will guide and support you as you gently leans into the unknown allowing more opportunities, more possibilities and more love in.

This retreat is a sacred gathering that honours the different stages and cycles of a woman's life. It is a space where women can come together to celebrate, support, and empower each other as they navigate the various seasons of their womanhood & honours the sacred rites of passage of woman

This heart opening retreat recognises that a woman's life is marked by different phases, such as maidenhood, motherhood, and cronehood. It is a time to honour the unique gifts, challenges, and wisdom that each season brings.  guided by the Munay Ki Rites of Peru

This retreat will incorporate practices such as meditation, storytelling, creative expression, ritual, and ceremony, and will provide a nurturing and safe environment for women to explore their experiences, share their wisdom, and gain insights from others who are on a similar path. 

shamanic healer

i believe, together, we can  create a better world


I'm Natalie

My spiritual services are grounded, safe and authentic. They are for those who truly desire to transform their life, shift their relationships, receive clear guidance, release what doesn't serve and heal.


I am living proof that the journey into the heart, makes it  possible for you to shift your vibration, release old patterns and stories, and weave your soul back to wholeness.

Womb healing and feminine energy work are integral components of my retreats. By releasing what no longer serves us and allowing energy to flow freely through our bodies, we can heal ourselves from the inside out. I also utilise ancient shamanic wisdom and modern techniques to help women connect with their higher selves and unlock their full potential. If you're ready to embark on a journey of transformation and healing, join me on this Sacred Feminine Retreat.


Women's Retreat in Australia

Your next step in expanding your spiritual journey and learning ancient wisdom over a weekend of shamanic practices, soul integration and sacred ceremony & soul activations.

A word from our recent retreat guest..

here's what ya get

Experience a healing space of women supporting each other as you step into your own self-care space and connect with a group of kind, light hearted women, all ready for a path towards a more conscious and self-loving life.

Join Natalie  on a journey of self discovery, loving connection and restorative ceremony.  Guided by the Munay Ki rites of Peru


Each day unfolds with a beautiful heart-expanding guided meditation and cacao ceremony followed by a

connection ritual and heart healings.


We will explore how to develop a self practice and truly connect to our hearts and souls.

3 Nights Luxury Accomodation, organic meals, and nurture pack.


Overcome fears, self doubts and self consciousness through transformational ceremonies on

expanding your heart and stepping into your self love rituals.

Meditation, massage, movement and healing ceremony's all weekend long.


We gather Friday night 15th March for dinner, mocktails and to settle in- but you can join us for just the day events and receive all the yummy content - more info here

Day 1 Saturday

womb ceremony


  • Powerful sage clearing ceremony upon arrival.

  • A gentle and heart opening blue lotus tea & tincture  ceremony to invite us to let go of the labels we hold, minimise distractions of everyday life and mastering how to connect within, rather than getting drawn into the dramas of what’s going on around us

  • Guided mediation and intention setting practice

  • Process to heal, honour and journey the rites of passage of woman

  • Learn how to navigate, heal your sacred rites of passage from birth to now in a nurturing environment and self care practices.

  • Fireside feminine flow movement session with ancient chanting and mantras to activate and find your soul voice

day one

Day 2 Sunday

fire ceremony


  • Enjoy a sacred Rose quartz & Cacao plant journey 

  • Be nurtured with an aromatherapy massage or healing

  • Sacred Water Pachamama ceremony to help us manifest our dreams and visions

  • Receive a powerful opportunity to be guided through a Triple Goddess Meditation around the open fire.

  • Seasons of Woman Workshop - journey of the triple goddess

day two

Day 3 Monday

shamanic ritual


  • Heart opening meditation and journalling exercise

  • Take some sacred time to enjoy the journey, allow it to integrate and reflect on your expansion

  • Receive the Sacred 13th Rite of the womb in a gentle water ceremony

  • Finishing the day with a powerful herbal elixir journey, to weave together all our healing and learnings from the retreat and a heart felt Sharing Circle

  • Despacho fire ceremony to integrate 

day three


what they're saying

When I received the Womb Rite, I felt every cell in my body vibrating and I knew that the healing had begun! 

This retreat will allow you to sit with you, really sit with you and discover just how amazing you are. I now have a deeper connection with myself, others and with the world.

Miss T

Miss R

An incredible retreat that will be part of my heart for a very long time. Nat holds safe, sacred space. 

Miss C

We’d love to see you at our next retreat...

Sunshine Coast
$1397 shared room 
$1597 private room


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