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Soul vs Consciousness

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Are they the same??

I love and value the people in my life who go down the rabbit hole with me, and entertain my crazy 2am thoughts and then offer their own point of view on my questions!

Even if they don’t agree with me

It’s all just an interesting point of view really isn’t it?

I just love how we can all “see” things differently and open our minds to another person’s perspective.

That’s growth.

That’s consciousness for me- right there.

What do you think? I really am curious.

My interesting point of view is this – Soul and Consciousness are NOT the same.

Right here today my feeling is, that they are different.

My Definition of Soul is:

The eternal soul, we begin our original life’s journey with that reincarnates with us each lifetime. Its role is to learn, to grow, to raise its awareness and vibration and to experience all that life offers, whatever way that shows up. Same soul, lifetime after lifetime. And its evolution each lifetime is dependent upon its experiences and the expansion of the persons conscious awareness. So it’s what the soul learns and experiences and lets go of that creates the change. A soul carries forward into the next life.

My Definition of Consciousness is:

The state of being aware of and responsive to the energy of others and the world around us. The way we become one with the universe and its energy field. The way we grow or stay the same.

Consciousness grows the Soul.

Our level of consciousness at birth will depend on what the soul brings in with it this lifetime to heal, learn, let go of and manifest. Our consciousness has the ability to change, to adapt, to become MORE than that based on the spiritual & energetic work that we do in this lifetime to let go of negative beliefs, patterns, thoughts, actions etc.

So I feel, we can intentionally develop our consciousness but not our soul- our soul is just here to learn, grow, heal and evolve, then when we pass away the Soul moves on and becomes that level of consciousness in the next lifetime - moulding who that being becomes next time round.

If you want to delve deeper into your consciousness - book an Access Bars Session or healing with me and let's go!

The consciousness of a person ends when they pass away. The soul continues.

I invite you to leave a comment below.

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