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Community & Conscious Connections

2012 was the darkest year of my life. Betrayal, death, broken on every level- mind, body and soul, deepest of pain that left me on the brink of suicide.

Yep - I had it all that year!

It was all too much.

I was broken- ever felt that way??

And yet, I survived-- took a lot of time and love! But I did.

Do you know my secret?

The power and love of the people in my tribe.

At the time I was running a successful self made Business Women's Network

"Enlightened Goddesses Business Network" - you may have heard of us? Or attended an event or even been a member of this incredible movement.

And it was a movement. A divine Movement.

I created this Network because I knew that the Sunshine Coast - The world- needed a safe place for women to gather in love, support and compassion - a place where they could create and grow their business with heart and soul - and not just be a name on a business card. It was all that and so much more. A place where friendships are made.

I may have created it, but it was the women involved, the women that became a powerful and empowering tribe who facilitated its growth and the never ending reach of conscious awareness it still carries to this day.

These Goddesses became my tribe, my inspiration, my family, they kept me focused on surviving the spiritual growth I was going through.

Enlightened Networking all about - Connection, unity, community.

In November 2012 I was nominated for, & won an International Stevie Award in New York- category "women helping women".

I was able to fly to New York to receive this award thanks to the generous financial contribution of this network of amazing women. They had my back. They were proud of me. Through their eyes, I became proud of me.

I began my path to "thrival" & left the decay of destruction behind me.

I thank and love each and every one of them for the contribution that they are to the woman I am today!

Who are your conscious tribe?

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