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Ascension Pathway Program

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Have you been on this spiritual path, going round and round, healing, clearing, releasing, evolving for a while now? Or perhaps, this is all new to you? Either way, the time has come to focus on moving ahead, moving forward, creating your life into the future. The time for Ascension is now. This online program is full of tips, tools, processes and my own unique Ascension Healing Process that was channelled to me in a time of great conflict, fear and negativity, when the world was at an all time low frequency. As you journey with this program, working through the journals, incorporating the processes into your life, the change in you and around you will be clearly evident. As you focus on the Ascension pathway, your intuition, your clarity and your soul purpose in life will become clear to you and as these tools help you to release the past, clear your DNA and step into who you have come here to BE, you will indeed feel a strong and high frequency flow in your life. I know you will thrive using these tools and I have been working with these tools in my life and with my clients who tell me; "This ascension process is amazing - I have so much clarity in my business now, I can't wait to move forward" "I have no idea what just happened, but I felt like I moved beyond this reality and saw myself into the future" "This Ascension process has shown me how to clear and heal my past, with so much ease, it is just done!" Please enjoy this program and every step of your journey. Please note your access to this program ends 6 months from registration, so please make sure you get through all the juicy content before then!!

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Single Payment
Advanced Ascension Mastery Program
A$497.00/month + A$50.00 joining fee


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