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Munay Ki Rites

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A way to expand your spiritual journey safely? Guided by the ancient teachings of  Munay Ki rites of Peru

Grounding rituals to take into your daily life?

An authentic process to allow your soul to evolve naturally?

A way to integrate ancient ceremony but not sure where to go?

Port Willunga SA, 18-21st October 2024
Rooms start from $2222
Early Bird register by 30/6/24 & Save $200
OR pay in full & save $300
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Shamanic Retreats
South Australia Queensland
Western Australia, Peru

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The Shamanic Path

As we grow our wisdom and develop our skills as healers, lightworkers, leaders and way-showers, we are naturally drawn to the ancient practices of the Shaman. It's a remembering of working with a higher energy force and connecting with our ancestors.

The Rites of the Munay Ki  are the nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power who has accepted the stewardship for all creation. They transform and upgrade your luminous energy field.

Some gifts of the Munay Ki are a deeper connection with the Earth & Elements; a sharpening of your visionary and healing skills; a feeling of being deeply alive and vibrant, and a profound understanding of your innate power of creation.

Peru fire ceremony

nice to meet ya!


I'm Nat

My spiritual services are grounded, safe and authentic. They are for those who truly desire to transform their life, shift their relationships, receive clear guidance, release what doesn't serve and heal.


This is not talk therapy - this is soul therapy! It is possible for you to shift your vibration, release old patterns and stories, and weave your soul back to wholeness.


Shamanic Ceremony Retreat 
18-21st October 2024 Port Willunga SA
all inclusive FROM only; $2222

(payment plan available) 

Your next step in expanding your spiritual journey and learning ancient wisdom over a weekend of shamanic practices, soul integration and sacred activations.

Early Bird pay by 30/6/24 & Save $200
pay in full save $300
A word from our recent retreat guests, Bec

here's what ya get

Receive the Sacred Munay-Ki 9 Rites of initiation &

learn practical instruction to administer them to others and participate in daily rituals to work with the 4 directions, sacred archetypes & shamans of many cultures.


Learn practices for protection, wisdom and power and meditations to journey with your guides and archetype. And release wounds of the past with a Shamanic Cacao, Breathwork

& sound healing journey.


Build connections with other women that will become your tribe for life as you create rituals and ceremonies for daily use together as well as  enjoy time out for journaling, reflection and relaxation. 


Day 1


triple goddess retreat
  • On arrival we will take a moment to settle into the space and its beautiful surrounds and hold a very sacred blue lotus flower tea ceremony in circle

  • You'll receive an introduction to the Munay Ki Rites and as you are initiated into the first two Rites, you begin your journey to join a group of ordinary men and women who lead extraordinary lives – the medicine people of the Laika. 

  • We'll close out the evening with preparing our Pachamama Sticks and getting to know each other

day one

Day 2



  • You'll continue your journey in receiving the Nine Rites (Rites 3,4,5) and as you receive the Rites, your chakras will have the opportunity to become clear and you will acquire what the Earthkeepers know as the Rainbow Body, as your chakras glow with their original radiance.

  • Afternoon Despacho and Fire Ceremony where a bundle of sacred offerings are given to Pachamama .

  • Sacred Journey with the medicine wheel

  • Receive a powerful opportunity to be guided through a Fire and Power Animal Meditation with sacred serpent breath

day two

Day 3


cacao ceremony
  • Continue to receive the Rites (Rites 6 and 7) in natural surroundings, under the ancient trees and by the fire.

  • Take some sacred time to enjoy the journey, allow it to integrate and reflect on your expansion

  • Receive the Sacred 13th Rite of the womb in a gentle water ceremony

  • Finishing the day with a Shamanic Cacao Ceremony and Live Sound Bath and Sharing Circle

day three

Day 4

womens retreats


  • You'll continue your journey in receiving the Nine Rites (Rites 8 and 9) and as you receive the Rites, you will feel the presence and sense the wisdom of these luminous ones who have broken out of linear time and now dwell in infinity.

  • Afternoon Medicine Wheel Workshop as you walk the wheel of transformation

  • Complete the journey with an afternoon fire ceremony to embody and integrate the rites of the Munay Ki

  • Over $10k worth of Value and yours for a fraction of that!

day four


 I knew the Munay-Ki rites were the missing piece on my spiritual path. The rites are beautiful, powerful and inspiring.

Miss K

what they're saying

The Rites will bless every aspect of your life and will help you to understand and know that you are Spirit. I now have a deeper connection with myself, others and with the world.

Miss N

An incredible retreat that will be part of my heart for a very long time. Nat holds safe, sacred space and I am so blessed to receive the Munay-Ki Rites and I love sharing them.

Miss C

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18-21st October 2024

Port Willunga SA

only 4 spots left

From only $2222 (payment plan avail)

Early Bird pay by 30/6/24 & Save $200
or pay in full save $300
  • Women only Retreat

  • $2555 Private Room (4 avail)

  •  $2222 Single shared  room (2 avail) 

  • Arrival – 9am on Day 1

  • Departure – 4pm Day 4

Want to add an extra day and become an accredited Cacao Facilitator?
Class 22/10/24  for only $397
we would love to see you at our next retreat

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18-21st October 2024 South Australia 

payment plan available

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  • What are the Munay Ki Rites?
    9 Rites of the Munay Ki are the ancient energetic transmissions of the Laika people the highest Shamans of Peru. When we receive the Rites we become them, our DNA changes, our past programs and lineage trauma is dissolved and we begin to step into becoming who we have come here to be 10000 years from now!! The 9 rites of the Munay-Ki are: The Healers rite - connects you with the Munay Ki Lineage The Bands of power and protection- expansion of your energy field The Seers Rite, to see into the future and past The Harmony Rite, connecting and becoming the archetypes The Daykeepers Rite, the connection of the divine feminine The Wisdomkeepers Rite, the divine masculine The Earthkeepers Rite, you become one with the earth The Starkeepers Rite, returning you to your starseed origins The Creator Rite, become one with all that is.......... 13th Rite of the Womb This Rite is a gift to clear fear and pain, returning us to our most authentic selves and healing Mother Earth. Passed down from the Shipibo women of the Amazing, and working with known jungle spirit medicine, this lineage of women came forward wanting to heal our Mother Earth, collective, individual, and ancestral fear and free us from all suffering. When we receive and share this sacred womb rite, we heal the wounds of our womb, and the lineage of women who came before us. Powerful and healing water ceremony, honouring the divine feminine and the sacred Pachamama.
  • What can I expect at this Retreat?
    Arrival –9am on day 1 and Departure on Day 4 @4pm Self healing meditations, rituals and ceremonies 3 nights accommodation Nourishing vegetarian meals(gf/vegan avail) Plenty of time to reflect, rest and rejuvenate 13th Womb Rites Manual, & certificate 9th Rites of the Munay Ki transmissions, manual and certificate Sacred tools to create your own Shamanic Altar Sacred pi stone necklace Fire Ceremony, water ceremony and despacho ceremony Shamanic Cacao, Breathwork & sound healing Journey Massive, healing sessions and workshops to integrate our learning
  • What does it cost?
    Please note prices may vary in different locations; payment plan is available, early bird and paid in full discounts may apply within nominated time frame and no refunds or transfers are available. **Your deposit/payment secures your space, payment plan available. Minimum deposit $297 (non refundable) due upon registration. price subject to change to due to venue increases, website will always be current at time of bookings
  • Where are the Retreats Held?
    May 2024 Ilkley SUNSHINE COAST RETREAT Is held at La Casa Ilkley This simply grand luxury retreat space is nestled amongst amongst a beautiful bush setting, with breathtaking views, infinity heated pool, spa and sauna, with abundant bird life and stunning coastal views. Address: Ilkley QLD October South Australia - Port Willunga November. York Western Australia
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