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Mastering  Manifestation 

Discover how to Elevate Your Abundance:
Money, Mindset, and Manifestation Mastery

This program is designed for spiritual women, small business owners and women who are opened minded and serious about their personal and professional growth and development. 

Women who are dedicated to making a difference in this world and are aware that is it only their fears, doubts, points of view and programs that stand in the way of manifesting their dreams into being. 

Women who want to fast track their journey and access their higher vision to create a life of ease and abundance.

Are you that woman????

In these powerful mastery programs we will dive into the essentials of abundance, mindset shifts, and manifestation techniques.

 1.Manifesting Mentoring Online program
A sacred space where we will dive into the essentials of abundance, mindset shifts & manifestation.

Guided practices & meditations to help you embed these transformative teachings.
Community Access to a supportive community of fellow spiritual entrepreneurs 

A comprehensive workbook with actionable steps and reflection prompts.

You will ALSO receive; 

  • One on one distance Ascension Healing Session to disconnect you from the matrix of illusion, release your fears and raise your frequency to a higher vibration  

  • Easy to implement processes to shift your mindset and tap into Universal Flow

  • Seasons of Woman Journal – your sacred manifesting ritual for manifesting your dreams

  • Private Clarity call with Natalie 

                                                              For Just $197


If you want a deeper dive?? then have a look at our Mastermind Group where you will  receive 6 x weekly LIVE Zoom Transformational clearing calls. 

All info  below;

 2.Manifesting Mastermind Group
Includes everything from The Manifesting Mentoring Online Program,

Mastermind Immersion:
Engage in a powerful mastermind group, receiving direct guidance and peer accountability in our weekly Manifesting Mastermind LIVE Zoom calls. (6 x Mastery weekly calls Program 1 starting 2/10/2023 & program 2 starting 6/11/23 - all calls are avail on replay) 

Where you will ; 

  •  Learn how to integrate spiritual values into your business strategies for authentic success
  •  Receive live, relevant clearing processes to shift your mindset and subconscious patterns  and programs
  •  Discover rituals that enhance both spiritual alignment and financial growth. 
  •  Work with wealth Rituals and Practices that really work
Valued at $1111
you can join us for only $397

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