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What is Cacao and how does it change your life?


Cacao is a sacred plant medicine used throughout the ancient times to connect with community, earth, spirit and Gods/Goddesses as a divine tool to bring healing, love, compassion and abundance to all beings. 


If you have been called by Mama Cacao and have an innate desire and gift to create safe and sacred spaces for men and women to journey, then you may be READY to become an Accredited Sacred Cacao Facilitator.


When people are ready  to clear their past, heal their future and open their heart and soul to their divine purpose, they will be looking for dynamic, authentic and qualified facilitators to support and guide their journey.

People like me, people like you, people like the 200 souls globally, who have become accredited through this program and the ancestors who have worked with this sacred plant medicine since the dawn of time. 

This 1 day training will provide a deeper connection through understanding and acknowledging the essence of cacao, the history of ceremony and the power and potency in a variety of ceremony styles.

You will learn how to access trauma points on the body and to safely hold someone who is releasing their emotional bonds.  If you are not trained and confident to hold that space, others will be left stranded and stuck in their release.

This accredited training will ensure that once you have worked with this accredited tools you will;

  • recognise and manage effectively, the signs of a trauma release

  • know how to effectively support another through their journey

  • work with cacao in a variety of ways

  • activate sacred soul codes for yourself and others

  • understand the authentic practices and history of cacao

  • know how to add cacao and ceremony to your current services and create and hold sacred and safe ceremony

  • marketing and logistical info

  • accredited certificate and manual

  • experience live online cacao ceremony to close

and  feel confident, satisfied and empowered with every ceremony you host.  You will be living your soul purpose with every sacred circle


One recent graduated student shared this 

" I first sat with cacao in a large ceremony of over 100 guests, I knew that mama cacao had called to me and I wanted to learn how to work with her, however, I felt out of my depth as I observed the range of emotions that flowed throughout the group and I knew that I needed to learn with an accredited and respected Cacao Training, so that I would know how to support my guests.  I saw in ceremony with Natalie and knew she was the right trainer for me!! After I completed her online cacao program, I felt confident, passionate and supported in my journey as a cacao facilitators and within the first week I had run my first in person circle with so much passion and confidence, I could not wait to do it again! This training is a must if you want to ensure you are facilitating with the right knowledge, skills and tools to manage a deeply healing experience for your guests." MD 

Sacred Cacao Facilitator Program

All About Me

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Online Program
Accredited Level 1

Don't let time, space or other commitments stop you from fulfilling your dream to become a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator.  Learn at your own pace, connect with our team of facilitators in live chat groups, enjoy online cacao ceremony's, gain valuable tools and healing processes and experience your own spiritual expansion. 


All the modules included as per face to face training; 

  • variety of ceremony styles

  • sacred soul sound activation

  • sound and healing tools

  • trauma releasing processes

  • logistical and planning practices

  • Facilitator Manual

  • IICT approved Certificate

  • self paced learning  

  • BONUS - Conscious Entrepreneur Business online Program



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